Behind The Lens - Meet Alison

Photo provided by  Cassie Howard Photography

Photo provided by Cassie Howard Photography

Hey there! I'm Alison, known to most as Al, Ali, or AC. I'm a part-time (looking to be full-time) photographer from small town Indiana. I currently reside in Oxford, just north of West Lafayette, IN, with my husband Cody. I always thought I would move away from this tiny, farm community, but something just drew me back, as it always seems to do. 

I am a recent Ball State University grad with a B.S. in Photojournalism. A lot of people ask why I didn't go for an art degree in photography. My answer is simple: I did not want to go to college for 5 years, plus summer classes...just kidding...a little. The real answer is that I really don't have an answer. I just know what I love, and that is digital storytelling, or rather, telling a story through a visual medium. Pictures are more than just things you frame and hang up on a wall or print and put in an album, only to forget they are there and let them collect dust. It's corny, but they truly are windows into the past, and they should tell a story. YOUR story.

If you are looking for photos that show your true personalities, raw emotions, and those candid, in-between moments, I think we would be a great fit. Sure I can and probably will do the posed portraits and have you covered there, but what I am really interested in creating memories that truly make you feel. I want these photos to take you back to that very moment, no matter how long ago it was. 

So, if you have made it this far, I would say something kept you here. Meaning I did not totally scare you off. Thats a great start! If you are interested in knowing more and want to see if we would be a good match, visit that little "Contact" tab and let's meet! I would love to tell your story!