You’re engaged, and I am so excited for you!

You have been planning this day in your head and probably on your Pinterest board for years. Now it’s time to make it all come to life! As someone who has seen the opposite side of this game (you know, the crazy hours planning, things not going my way, finding the perfect venue and the perfect dress, making sure everything looks okay, trying to make sense of a timeline, and trying not to absolutely lose my own mind,) trust me when I say I absolutely know how important this day is to you. Wedding planning can truly be so stressful at times, but that’s okay because you have an unimaginable amount of support from your family, friends, and your fiancé; not to mention this day is going to bring you so much happiness you won’t even know what to do with it!\

But, what’s left when your big celebration officially comes to an end?

  • Your Marriage (DUH!)

  • A ton of left-over party favors and decor

  • Your photos and your memories

As your photographer, what I can promise you is this:

  • I am going to capture every detail of this wedding that you have been working on planning for so long, from your decor to your bouquets to your cake topper.

  • I will capture moments for you that you will never be able to forget. From the big moments like, first kiss, first dance, cake smash (optional,) etc, to the in-between moments; the undeniable smile you get when you get to finally put your dress on; the moment your groom sees you for the first time; you + your groom laughing along with your bff’s