Michael + Morgan {France Park | Logansport, IN}

A question for all of my “creative” peeps (photographers, videographers, artists, musicians, writers, etc.): Do any of y’all ever leave a shoot (or your equivalent) and think, “Wow, I really did THAT,” ? Like, you just feel the most confident you ever have in your work and you feel so validated; like you know for sure you’re in the EXACT profession you’re supposed to be?

This shoot right here was that for me.

This location: ICONIC. This couple: STUNNING. ICONIC. Their love: RADIANT. ICONIC. Morgan’s taste in dresses: ICONIC. That sunset: I C O N I C.

You guys get the gist. This shoot is hands down one of my favorites I have ever done. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I seriously edited this entire session with a smile on my face! Morgan + Michael, you guys are beautiful and amazing and all things good in life!

Okay, now to the extreme over-share/spam!