Frank + Devan {Corner House Bed + Breakfast | Rockport, IN}

Frank + Devan’s September barn wedding in Rockport, IN was everything that I could ever hope for! The entire week, we were all crossing our fingers and hoping it wouldn’t rain, and despite our wishes, it did decide it was going to sprinkle for part of the morning; however, someone must have been looking out for us because it stopped literally 10 minutes before the ceremony began! Talk about luck!

This venue…you guys…I don’t even have words. I have seen the “barn wedding” done a LOT lately (I literally had a barn wedding myself - they’re always so cute and fun!) and this was probably one of the nicest/coolest I have seen! The owners care so much about this property and it definitely shows. It just makes the day that much more special for everyone! Not to mention, the old farmhouse turned Bed + Breakfast - SO PERFECT!

Frank + Devan were probably the sweetest, most genuine people of all time. Aside from their quirkiness and love for video games and Disney that I was sooooo here for (seriously, my nerdy side was alive and thriving when she walked down the aisle to a song from “Kingdom Hearts”, and the guests ate dinner to “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast), these two truly love each other inside and out. The way they interact with each other is nothing short of magical, and I can just tell they are going to have the most amazing life together as husband + wife!

Here are a few (a lot) of my favorites from this awesome day!